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A few days ago, due to sheer convenience, M & I decided to eat dinner at Mizuya! For those that don't know about this place, Mizuya is one of Sydney's popular Izakaya dining places near Town Hall Station, incorporating an easy-to-use touch screen menu with over 200 traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes as well as karaoke rooms!

The ambience inside the restaurant is quite contemporary and stylish as it is set in an dark underground setting and most of the dining space is segregated by forms of intimate booths.

As mentioned before, you order through a touch screen menu and upon countless visits to Mizuya, I have come to a realisation that regardless of how much I emphasise to the waiter that I am aware once an order has been placed on the screen, it can no longer be cancelled; they seem compelled to repeat the warning anyway. Professionalism at its best.

My personal must-have favourite from Mizuya, ever since my first visit, has been its Takoyaki ($5.80) ! Although it is not as amazing as the ones sold at Friday Night Markets, Mizuya takoyaki will always remain a favourite for me! Perhaps we were too hungry that night, as both M and I aggressively gulped a takoyaki almost immediately setting eyes on the plate being placed, before my gasp in horror appeared 10 seconds later. I had forgotten to take a picture for my new blog!!! Therefore in the picture you only see four takoyaki balls instead of six...

Most of the dishes here are typical Japanese dishes and so a popular order such as Chicken Karaage ($6.80) should come as no surprise! The skin is crunchy and the insides are tender however it was a tad bit oily for me!

As it was a little cold that night, M decided to order the Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu (approx $18) which comes with four pieces of meat in addition to cabbage, mushrooms, vermicelli and tofu...etc.

Overall, I think this Shabu Shabu is so-so as it is not as tasty in comparison to the Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki! (The main difference between the two is that the latter uses a soup base as opposed to just boiling water for the former) However, the two sauces provided served as a decent dip for the meat and the veggies! 

All three orders above have been previously ordered by me before on many occasions however I did manage to try a new dish that night-the Grilled Miso Cod ($19.80) - and was very satisfied with the change in choice! It was cooked exactly the way I had expected; a thin, savoury crispy edge that was not overdone as the cod melted graciously once inside my mouth. It is a little pricey for the proportion given however if you're a cod lover like me, you wouldn't mind as it was fabulous! :) I was in such a hurry to taste it straight away that the picture taken was slightly blurry....:P

Last but not least, have I mentioned how awesome the green tea & vanilla soft serve is at Mizuya? We ordered the Mixed Shiratama Sundae ($4.50) to share, which consists of the combined soft service in addition to the soft mochi balls and red bean! Ultimately, a great finish to our meal that night!

Mizuya is essentially the type of place you go to when you have a Libra-moment (a situation I am constantly in) in struggling to decide on where to eat. The location is convenient for those who are loyal George-Street inhabiters like me and there are so many choices that you are bound to find something you like! The food is decent and most importantly it comes up REALLY FAST! so if you are looking to take your time in engaging long discussions with your friends, maybe order dish by dish on the screen? 

I will probably end up back here in another few weeks or so as I believe destiny has no intention on me seeing the last of my Libra days :P

Mizuya Japanese 
Restaurant & Karaoke
Basement 614 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
9266 0866

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